Wrapping up this year and choosing joy in the next...

Updated: May 23

It is beyond difficult to stay consistent with any social media while in this chapter of my life. Between my rotations every day during the week and grad classes on top of it, I have very little energy to write posts for this blog, or post on Instagram, or even write in my journal.

In my last post, I described how I felt like I was floating through life. I explained my post-college depression feelings and how difficult this transition is.

Well friends, the first semester is over and I am just about half way done with the program. It hasn’t gotten much more exciting, but it’s helpful to have such a great support system of friends cheering me on, an amazing roomie who I can go to with anything, and a lovely group of ladies in the program standing by each other’s sides. I made it this far and I know that I can make it through the next half.

Speaking of next semester… I was recently accepted into a Yoga Teacher Training program!!

Starting in January, I will begin a 200-hour program, with a graduation in May. I know that this is just adding to all of the work I have to do already, but I have wanted to receive this certification for forever. Starting now, and through the new year, I am challenging myself to focus on what I am passionate about, and what brings me joy. So far, this internship is not what I expected. And although I will finish out the year and complete the degree, as well as sit for my RD exam, I can also say that I pursued my dream of becoming a yoga teacher.

We all deserve to do what lights us up. Writing these posts and practicing yoga are just a couple of the things that feel purposeful to me. Life is way too precious. Why not take on a new hobby? Why not find a new job? Why not surround yourself with people who lift you up? Why not express how you feel?

Anyways, I am currently writing this post snuggled up in bed with my kitty while suffering some sort of illness (it’s not Covid, I was tested this morning). So, please feel free to share your thoughts on finding your passion and what lights you up. Or reach out if you need a buddy. I've got nothing but time to chat. :)

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